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If fjords and islands fascinate the travel enthusiast in you, Bleikøya is perfect to add to your Oslo itinerary. This is an island in Oslo Fjord that is an ideal sightseeing location, both in summers and in winters.
Located near the island of Hovedøya, Bleikøya is where you will find a combination of rocky terrains and gorgeous waterfronts. In the summer, a ferry trip will take you through the beautiful coastal line of the island, studded with traditional cottages. In the winters, the ice-laden terrain gives you panoramic scenes against the idyllic shores of the fjord. The island covers -.12 square kilometres and has a typical pre-industrial cultureal landscape. The island is home to the Bleikøya Nature Reserve that was established in 2008. Here you will find many bird species like the Black-headed Gull, the Common Elder, and the European Herring Gull. You can reach here via Ferry Number B1 in a 16-minute ride across the fjord.