Nordic Bible Museum

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With a collection of a whopping 5,500 Bibles, the Nordic Bible Museum in Oslo is the largest not just in Norway but the whole of the Scandinavian region. Stroll across the museum and wake the pious side of you!
If theology fascinates you, make a visit to the Nordic Bible Museum. The collection here is massive and varied. You will find versions of the Holy Book written on parchment paper and leather, which are centuries old. The first Danish Bible (1550) and the first Nordic Bible from Sweden (1541) are some of the other notable treasures. People also flock here to admire the world's smallest printed Kings James Version Bible. Another attraction is the Medieval printing press, which gives you the option to print a Bible page! Souvenirs can be shopped from the gift shop within the premises or the museum’s online shop. Children below 12 years of age and those with an Oslo Pass can visit the museum for free.