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Do you want to see the lush green side of Oslo? Then visit Hovedøya! It is one of the many beautiful islands located off Oslo’s coast and is known to be a nature lover’s retreat. Whether you want to enjoy a sunny day at the beach or want to revel in the beautiful Norwegian sceneries, you can experience it all here.


With a total area of just 0.4 square kilometres, Hovedøya is one of the most picturesque islands off Oslo's coast. In fact, you can even see this evergreen beauty from the mainland! The island has a nature reserve for protecting the flora and fauna here, so you can spot many species here when you hike across these specially marked areas. When you go towards the west, you’ll find two beautiful secluded beaches. Many come here to take a dip in the crystal-clear waters. The island also has a couple of historical landmarks, like old military buildings, cannon batteries, gunpowder depots, and a portion of the barracks. These military installations were used centuries ago in many battles and skirmishes. Another eye-catching landmark is the ruins of Hovedøya Abbey, an old monastery built in the 12th century. A café is built right near these ruins, which offer a range of snacks and refreshments. There are two boat routes (92 and 93) that connect Oslo to Hovedøya throughout the year. Check the timings of the boats to plan your visit better.


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Hovedøya, Oslo

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