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Kon-Tiki Museum

Visit the Kon-Tiki Museum to see an assortment of captivating exhibits from Thor Heyerdahl’s voyages, including the actual balsa wood raft he had used for the Kon Tiki expedition, one of the most notable voyages in the 20th century.
A day spent within the premises of the Kon Tiki Museum will be an exciting one as there is a lot to explore and learn here. On a guided tour, you will get to admire the boats used by Norwegian adventurer and writer, Thor Heyerdahl, during his many expeditions, including Kon-Tiki, Ra, Tigris, Easter Island, Fatu-Hiva, Tùcume, and Galapagos. You can then take an exciting tour of a 100-feet long cave, which is a replica of a cave discovered by Heyerdahl on Easter Island. The tour will also include an underwater exhibition under the Kon Tiki raft, with a massive model of a whale in the centre. The documentary film on the Kon Tiki expedition (which also won an Oscar) will be filmed every day at noon. Take a break for a snack or a bite at the restaurant here and try out some local items on the menu. Those looking for souvenirs can find miniature versions of boats, amongst other interesting things.