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Gol Stave Church

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Gol Stave Church is an integral part of the medieval park located in Gordarike. It is a replica of the original stave church of Gol built in the 2000s. Gol Stave Church is often the venue for weddings, and it is open for visits throughout the week.
The interiors of the church look beautiful with ancient carvings and woodwork. There is a Viking Hall inside where you can study about the church and its architecture. After the restoration of the original Stave Church of Gol was completed in 1885, King Oscar II made it a part of his private open-air museum. Today, the same has been merged with the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. Entering the church will give you a sense of tranquillity, with the Gregorian choir music being played inside. The runic inscriptions and carvings inside the church date back to the Middle Ages. These carvings include animal figures, geometric symbols, and human shapes. One of the staves in the nave is said to be of the saint whose figure still lies inside the church.