The Viking Planet

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Ever wonder about life in Norway during the 8th century? Visit Norway's first digital museum, The Viking Planet, to learn about the fascinating life of the Vikings!
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When in Oslo, make sure to visit The Viking Planet, because this is one place where you can learn about the fascinating Viking Ages! This attraction has also bagged the best VR Film award at the Aesthetica Film Festival. Established in 2019, this digital museum offers an array of unique experiences about life in the Norwegian kingdoms from the 8th to the 11th century. Add it to your Oslo itinerary to get a virtually mind-blowing look into this historical era.

The 1600-square metre premises is a digital portal into the time when Norway was called Norge. It was created in collaboration with RSA Films and Dimension Studios, two leading experts in VR technology. Here you will witness an ultra-realistic version of the Viking era through a visual innovation that leaves even 4D cinema behind! A 270-degree cinema presents captivating content that covers ships, navigation, religion, war, and the women of the Viking period.

With a sole emphasis on Viking history, this digital museum aims at strengthening culture through the lenses of entertainment. Youngsters and adults can equally connect with digitally live images encompassing iconic symbols and designs. The Viking Planet is an inclusive digital show available in various languages including Norwegian, English, Japanese, German, Korean, etc., to cater to a large audience.

Things to do in The Viking Planet

The museum has added a fresh look to the life of the Vikings through interactive screens, including 360 cinema and hologram effects. The makers have beautifully combined tradition with technology in various screens that display the following:

1. The Longship — VR Cinema

This is a scripted drama that is produced with ground-breaking VR technology using volumetric capture. Audiences get the chance to sit in 4D chairs and watch ‘The Ambush’, a 12-minute award-winning film. It takes the viewers back to the 9th-century showcasing a battle in a longship presented by actors and stunt performers. You will feel the adrenaline rush of being onboard a Viking ship during a battle, an experience the world has never seen before!

2. The SagaScope – 260-Degree Cinema

This screen presents a film that depicts the Vikings in their natural habitat through a 270-degree view. Viewers are seated in a theatre that is shaped in the form of a Viking helmet and displays daily life during the period. It unfolds a spectacular saga through cinematic images along with soundscapes and tracks.

3. Norvegr – The Cinema

This is a fact-based movie that allows the viewers to time travel back to the time of the Viking runes. The documentary shows life from the time the ice started receding to the time when the rebellious kings struggled to settle life for the first Norwegian settlers. Get ready to be spellbound by the compelling narrative and real-to-life characters played on the screen.

4. Viking Windows

Here you will get an interactive experience that will take you to the era’s different aspects through animations, texts, and sounds. The illustrations are made by Anders Kvåle Rue and adapted from the historical Flateyjarbok. The different themes displayed here are:

The Viking Longship

Viking Warriors and Weapons

Viking Women

Viking Gods

5. The Hologram Theatre

This is a one-of-a-kind theatre that displays man-sized holograms of the Vikings through Pepper’s ghost, an ancient visual trick. You will watch digital figurines on a catwalk showcasing the clothes and fashion of an era when earth-toned tunics and metal armour were a thing! This 3D display will show you Vikings of different strata, including Mistress Ingrid, who will also perform two ballads in Norwegian dialect.

6. The Selfie Zone

Visiting Norway’s first digital museum dedicated to Vikings is surely a unique experience that is worth sharing on social media. At the Selfie Zone, you will get to do this with a wall-mounted screen that displays images of the Viking age in different themes. The image will be shared via email or can be posted directly on your social networking profile or printed at the gift shop on the premises.

All the screens at the museum are family-friendly and guarantee you 1-2 hours of pure infotainment. Book your tickets today!

How to get here?

By car

The easiest way to reach The Viking Planet from the city is by car.

By foot

The museum is a 4-minute walk from Nationaltheatret and a 6-minute walk from Stortinget.
  • Enjoy a visually impressive experience in the world\u2019s first digital Viking museum
  • Meet digital Vikings made from virtual reality technology through interactive screens
  • Learn about the lifestyle, clothing, and battles of Norway from over a thousand years ago!
  • The Viking Planet is open every day from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
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Fridtjof Nansens plass 4, 0160 Oslo, Norway