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Prisoners of the Fort – Oslo

Tour Available: December - August

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Build a team and challenge your opponents in a fun indoor game at Fangene på Fortet in Oslo. Book the Prisoners of the Fort team building activity today!


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Picture this – you’re trapped in a fort of prison cells with your friends. The clock is ticking, your heart races against time, and you must unlock the puzzles to escape the cells. Exciting, isn’t it? Experience this adrenaline rush while putting your intellect to the test in an adventurous team building activity by Fangene på Fortet. The Prisoners of the Fort indoor game is a fun way of challenging your and your team’s creativity and logical thinking.

The activity centre is located at Nydalen, Oslo, with a broad parking space just 50 metres from the entrance. Oance you reach the premises, enrol for the activity at the reception where the friendly staff will give you instructions about the game. Participants can choose a name for their team and enter it in the register so they can track their points on the monitors during the game. A token or key is handed to the team to open the cell doors and unlock the puzzle inside.

When the game begins, participants can decide which cell they want to unlock first. Outside each cell, an information board displays its points and the skills required for the task. Hold the key against the cell’s reader to unlock the door and start the timer. Get inside with your teammates and use your team’s collective strength to complete the task within the time limit, which is usually 2-5 minutes. If the team fails, the light outside the cell turns red and starts blinking, and in case your team succeeds, the light turns blue and the points get entered into the token/key.

Throughout the hallways, there are screens that display the points earned by each team, and at the end of the game, each team gets a printout with the results. This game is all about unlocking as many cells as possible by solving the puzzles using team spirit, memory, physics, calculation, and logic. So, whether you’re in it with your friends, family, or colleagues, the experience is sure to evoke the adventurer in you while churning those brain cells!

Please note: even though this is a drop-in game, you can enrol for it on the same day or up to seven days in advance. Food and drinks are available at the premises but will require prior booking. The centre is open on all weekdays, except on holidays, from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. This game can be booked for 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3 hours.

  • Enter a mysterious world of 48 prison cells and solve the puzzles inside each cell
  • Split your group into teams of 3-5 participants and challenge your opponents
  • Test your problem-solving and team building skills along with your teammates
  • This activity accommodates groups of 2-100 people and can be booked all year round

Dress in casual clothing, preferably a t-shirt or other loose clothing.
The centre has a wardrobe where participants can get comfortable clothes for rent.The centre also offers soft drinks, beer, cider, and wine in their cafeteria.
You can also relish delicious pizza, but please ensure to place your order at least a day in advance.


  • Well-designed indoor arena
  • Instructions and guidance
  • Experienced staff 
  • Printout of results

Meeting Point

Nydalsveien 28, 0484 OSLO