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Welcome to Oslo

Oslo is the most populous city and one of the bustling tourist hubs in the country. Travellers from far and wide come here to visit an assortment of museums and galleries to learn about Oslo’s rich culture. The city is sometimes nicknamed the 'world's biggest village' as it is blessed with unspoilt nature and promotes environmentally friendly tourism. If you want to spend some time soaking in the city’s jaw-dropping sceneries, you can choose from a bunch of activities to explore the icy terrains, blue fjords, sandy beaches, and green forests in the city. You can also come here to try out the local cuisine and experience the lively nightlife. There is something for everyone here!
Places to visit
Public Bike Tour: Oslo Winter Highlights
Exploring must-see places in Oslo is so much fun in winter! Put spikes to your tyres and embark on a 3-hour winter biking adventure with Viking Biking.
NOK 495
Jazz Cruise
Tantalise your tastebuds with a delicious shrimp dish as you enjoy jazz music aboard a wooden sailing ship! Book Norway Yacht Charter's jazz cruise now.
NOK 595
Winter cruise on sailing ship on the Oslofjord
Watch the beauty of Oslofjord from the comfort of a sailing ship. Book this fjord cruise by Norway Yacht Charter for a relaxing sightseeing experience.
The Viking Planet
Ever wonder about life in Norway during the 8th century? Visit Norway's first digital museum, The Viking Planet, to learn about the fascinating life of the Vikings!
NOK 229
Kistefos Museum
Experience top-of-the-line architecture, stunning art displays and industrial history all amidst gorgeous settings in a sculpture park at the Kistefos Museum!
NOK 180

Popular Restaurants

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Rey Del Mar Oslo
If you’re looking for fresh Mediterranean food in Oslo, try Rey Del Mar Oslo. Enjoy platefuls of mouth-watering street food or grab a quick bite while on the go.
Elias Mat & Sånt
From soups and stews to drinks and desserts, Elias Mat & Sånt has it all. Located at an accessible location in Oslo, this place is sure to blow your mind away.
Markveien Mat og Vinhus
If you're looking for comfortable dining in Oslo, visit Markveien Mat og Vinhus. From duck and lamb to cod, you are sure to fall in love with the dishes here.
Ling Ling
If you’re looking for Asian and Cantonese cuisines in Oslo, this is the perfect place to try. At Ling Ling, you will get Hakkasan dishes with a Norwegian touch.
Himkok revolutionised the cocktail business in Oslo with its unique distillery. Here you’ll get drinks that deliver authentic Nordic flavours and tastes.

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Henie Onstad Art Centre
Taking the lead in modern and contemporary art, Henie Onstad Art Centre houses paintings by pioneers such as Picasso, Matisse, and Weidemann.
Kunstnernes hus
Visit Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo- one of the most iconic landmarks in the international art world, host to a number of contemporary art displays.
Situated in the north of Oslo, Maridalen is a valley comprising of lakes, forests, and lots of agricultural areas, collectively called Oslomarka. Much of the valley is occupied by lake Maridalsvannet, Oslo’s main source of drinking water. The valley is a popular recreational spot during both summer and winter.
The Stenersen Museum
Also known as the Museum of Fine Arts, The Stenersen Museum is where you can find contemporary art in a huge collection of exhibits. It was opened in 1994 and soon became the perfect destination for art lovers in Oslo.